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Lesbos 2016 - Migrants emergency

From Turkey, the first step toward freedom was Lesbos, Greece


In collaboration with Rainbow-for-Africa, a volunteer association of doctors and nurses, we took a mobile clinic to Lesbos, where it operated for some months in the port of Methylene for the first aid, especially to infants, children and pregnant women.

Our experience is put at the service of solidarity

In January 2016, the flow of hopless people fleeing war, bombings and persecution, who tried to get to Europe in search of a better life, and who previously left from Libya onboard ramshackled boats to flee the raging civil war, this massive flow of people took a more eastern course, from the coasts of Turkey to the Greek islands close by, mainly to Lesbos.

What you can do to help

There are many ways to support us, all of which are important for us and for those we meet in our journeys.

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