We help people where they live

In these thirty years Missionland’s projects have evolved, have taken different paths, but the overall approach does not change: we want to help people in need without upsetting their life, their culture, their beliefs.

We contribute with humility

We start with the assumption that we are “foreigners” in their home, and most often we are the ones who learn. We are mindful that what our society offers to us is not necessarily what is best in different situations, such as in some African countries. Our basic philosophy is respect for the culture.

Missionland started out with small projects, limited in scope such as delivering vehicles, often 4x4, to make travelling easier. Our motto is “We donate vehicles to reduce distances.”

After years of journeys by land in the Sahel countries, we undertook new projects with different objectives, which are still in operation. The main aspect of these undertakings is that with a small initial help they become self-financing. Materials and labour are local, such as in the Peanut Project and in the Delwende Project.

Funds donated to Missionland, mostly by private donors, are used not to benefit one or a few persons, but to buy work tools or equipment that can practically improve everyday life. The Clean Energy Project, for example, uses solar panels to generate energy that powers fans or other machinery, benefitting the whole community.

Other projects are not limited to Africa but can apply to other countries, to Europe, such as the Logistics Project or Mobile Clinics Project and the Jav-Ò Project.

So we can say that Missionland, with the cooperation in some cases of other associations, finds the way to improve the quality of life without upsetting local systems, rather helping people to remain home, close to their families.

What you can do to help

There are many ways to support us, all of which are important for us and for those we meet in our journeys.

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