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Clean Energy Project

Solar panels can be the key


In countries where the sun shines for at least ten months a year, burning fossil fuels to produce energy is nonsense. Moreover, the cost of electricity is high, especially in daytime. So it is best to use what is plentiful in nature: sunlight. Solar panel are the answer, but the technology is complex and the cost is unaffordable in low- and very low-income countries, in Africa and elsewhere.

Project development

Missionland developed simple and affordable systems that by day can power equipment such as well pumps, air conditioners and fans, refrigerators, cell-phone recharging stations and the like. During the night the cost of electricity is much lower, so the energy required can come both from the grid and from batteries that are charged during the day by the solar panels.

Objectives achieved

What you can do to help

There are many ways to support us, all of which are important for us and for those we meet in our journeys.

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