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Bartali Project

A simple yet important gift


What we consider a sports activity, or a moment of relaxation. In the Sahel countries can be an essential instrument. We are talking here of a simple means of transportation, a bicycle. In these countries, going from one place to another can be quite difficult because of the distances, bad roads and expensive fuel. And the cost of buying any sort of vehicle.

Unity is strength

Missionland seeked the help of Maniverso, a Venetian association that, among other activities, collect bicycles long abandoned at train stations, or in police storage facilities. Albertino, Alberto and a bunch of volunteers retrieve the bikes and refurbish them, ready to be donated. Missionland then steps in and brings them to people in Africa who cannot afford to buy one, so that they can more easily go to work or to school.

Witnessing the thrill of a child who gets a bicycle is our best reward, and we are thankful to those who make it possible.

This Project is named after the great Italian bike champion Gino Bartali, who was also champion of generosity and civil commitment. In 2013 he was recognized Righteous Among the Nations.

Do you want a bike? Go to school and earn it.

In rural areas often kids must walk long distances to go to school. This costs time and effort, but it is important for children to attend school regularly: educated adults will help improve the living conditions of their villages. To make things easier for the kids we give them a bicycle, on condition that they study with success: if they get good grades they can keep the bike, otherwise they must hand it back, and in good condition!

What you can do to help

There are many ways to support us, all of which are important for us and for those we meet in our journeys.

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