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A device to produce bleach at home


The design stems from the need to find a cheap way to produce disinfectant, enough to give out to households, to orphanages, to dispensaries, etc. Sodium hypochlorite made by electrolysis (bleach) proved to be best suited. The only problem was cutting the cost of the means to produce it.

JAV-Ò: what is it?

Jav-Ò (named after the French name of bleach: eau de Javel) is the simple device developed by Missionland in collaboration with the vocational training school of Trissino (CFP). It can produce very easily bleach by electrolysis, which is a powerful disinfectant. This initiative combines training and social awareness for the students who take active part in it.

It is well established that 80% of disease transmission is due to dirty water. Water scarcity brings people to get their water from well, ponds, rivers and lakes. This water can transmit gastroenteritis, cholera and major epidemics. The distribution of Jav-Ò to schools can be combined with health education and prevention.

Main objective

The device has proven effective since we delivered some in Chad, Burkina Faso, Mali and, in 2015 at the time of the Ebola epidemic, in Sierra Leone. The devices achieved very positive results, determining a reduction or slowdown of contagion. Furthermore, a well-known testing laboratory tested the fumes and residues of the production with excellent results.

What you can do to help

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