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Mobile Clinics Project

Vans and cells equipped for medical emergencies


Missionland has furbished nearly a dozen mobile clinics. The specific task that will be performed dictates the equipment, the tools and the layout.

The project

One important feature of our clinics is that they are fully energy independent. They are equipped with a solar system powering a water pump for the washbasin, a refrigerator for medicines, air conditioner, inside and outside lighting, computers and all electrical devices.

The clinics can serve different purposes. They can be taken to remote areas, far from hospitals or dispensaries such as small villages in rural or mountain areas. These can associate to extend service to a wider population. The clinic may stay in one place for a few days and provide visits, small surgery, screening, health and/or nutritional education, etc. The clinic can be taken to a scholar complex for screening and prevention campaigns, or to manufacturing plants for occupational medicine.

Main objectives

The Mobile Clinics Project was initially designed thinking of the healthcare badly needed by the people living in remote areas of West Africa, where healthcare facilities are few, inadequate, often dilapidated, unsanitary and lacking medications. Anyone falling ill must travel long distances with makeshift transports to find medical care, often unaffordable.

We could also see that the clinics can be effectively employed in our areas as well, where health authorities, municipalities and regional authorities can organize screening and information campaigns on a large scale and at limited cost.

What you can do to help

There are many ways to support us, all of which are important for us and for those we meet in our journeys.

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